Should Capital Punishment Be Enforced? Essay

1000 Words Nov 10th, 2015 null Page
There are multiple policies that man enforces. There is one policy that Maine does not enforce and that is capital punishment. Capital punishment is when a person is sentenced to death after committing a serious crime. This is enforced in multiple states throughout the nation. There are multiple ethical theories and concepts that can support and critique Maine’s policy of capital punishment. A person who commits a crime should have the chance for rehabilitation. This should be done through multiple therapies, and a place for someone to recognize that what they did is wrong. There are people who do not believe what they did is wrong, however with therapy they would be able to recognize why the act was too horrendous for living in daily life. Another reason I agree that capital punishment should not be enforced is because it is not in us to decide whether a person should die. I get this opinion from the belief that God, or karma, will punish those who have committed a horrendous crime. I also believe that everyone should treat others the way they want to be treated. For instance a woman who wants equality by her male peers should treat them as equals. There are many people who believe that people should treat others the way they are treated, and this could be a reason for an opposing viewpoint. People who agree with capital punishment believe that a person who commits a felony for no logical reason, meaning that there is no real defense for their case,…

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