Should Black Men Around the World Be Placed on the Endangered Species List

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Should Black Men around the World Be Placed on the Endangered Species List?
Larry T. Johnson
Ms. Diane Lee
Friday, March 12, 2010 .

We have developed the blood bank, created the automatic traffic signal and invented the gas mask that saved the lives of countless American men in World War I. However, under the World War I slogan “Making the World Safe for Democracy” black men were not allowed to join the Marines, Coast Guard or Air Force. We have created over three hundred different products derived from peanuts, one hundred from the use of sweet potatoes, and seventy-five from pecans. We have conceptualized the multiplex railway telegraph, which allowed messages to be sent from moving
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The background on Darrion’s story isn’t very uncommon for this area of Chicago (Murdock, P1). Darrion walked into the middle of two rival black gains, in his attempt to help one of the victims he was mistaken to be part of the rival gang.

According to Deroy Murdock who is also an African American, this is another tragedy where African American civil rights leaders remained silent. Mr. Murdock believes that if this story would have been a white gang attacking a black gang every self-appointed African American leader would be in front of some form of media preaching about some form of social injustice. Mr. Murdock references the President Obama’s statement about the police arresting Prof. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. In contacts to the President comments and setting up meetings between the professor and the arresting police office, no media coverage was giving to the malicious homicide in the brutal killing of this honor student (Murdock, P3). Mr. Murdock is not saying that the president is reasonable for Darrion’s death, he states the fact the he is disappointed none of the black leaders stepped up to the plate to rally support to finding this young man’s killer.

According to New York Times There are more black men in prison than college. Only 5% of black men are in college. 70 percent of black men have experienced long-term unemployment (AP, P37) The African-American males comprise over fifty-five

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