Should Basketball And Other Team Sports? Essay

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I found this particular project very challenging since I’m not that really ‘active’ when it comes to exercise. Don’t get me wrong, but I like to work on my pace; weightlifting allows me to do that. Basketball and other team sports were never a go to exercises for me just because there’s a lot of running that has to be done. I always play as the ‘team manager’, looking out for the players and getting what they need. Although I have a big body built, I never tried to push myself too far because of my fear of getting hurt afterwards. Now with this project, I’m hyped to be back in the game and push myself beyond my limits. My knees hate running so I picked swimming instead because knee pain was never an issue and it doesn’t make me sticky after swimming.
The current generation is too vain with their current looks and styles. They’re willing to try everything that would seem “effective” on popular media sources to be able to attain the perfect sculpture of Greek Goddess/Gods. We’re given to test this fitness hypothesis and put them to the test by ourselves to see if it works or not. Also, dieting is restricted to see if it would be effective without changing our regular diets. To make it more interesting, we need to pick a workout that we didn’t know so that we would really know how it feels and how different would be the results from the workouts that we 're used to doing. This program claims or claimed that the person will lose some weight and gain some lean abs by the end of…

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