Essay about Should Attending School Be A Teenager?

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My mom brought me to the United States as a teenager. This was an extreme change in my life. Everything was new, and obviously learning a new language was a big challenge in my life. Referring to education, it was completely different from what the system of education was in my country was. Coming from a culture where parents encourage their children by telling them “Son, study to be someone in life” can cause confusion on what a good education means. This type of encouragement is absolutely wrong, and perhaps, it would take some preparation to be someone in life. I never knew if they meant that we needed to get money to be important and finally be someone in life, or maybe know more than others. Attending school was a big challenge for me. The lack of English and the deficient in the ESL programs in schools back then was what made me struggle during my school years.
I was fourteen years old and my summer vacations were about to be over. This was the best summer ever! Suddenly, everything changed. My mom decided to enroll me in school. Which I know now, was the right decision. The school that I had to attend was 2 miles away from my home. So sadly I had to walk. It was very traumatic to walk that long distance by myself. No matter what the weather was, I had to walk. There was no one at home that could take me to school. This was the first part of my bad experience attending to school.
The lack of the language, the system, and the new culture influenced in my education.…

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