Should Athletes Should Be A Year Of College Before Eligible Enter The Draft

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In today’s basketball world, there are a lot of things that are questioned, a big topic that is questioned is whether athletes should have to complete a year of college before being eligible to enter the draft. In basketball it is a rule that you must complete at least one year before you are eligible to become a professional and enter the NBA draft. This rule was implemented in 2005. The rule was implemented because it was thought that the one year in college improves the players, maturity levels, skill levels, and work ethic. Maturity on and off the court is a huge risk factor when attempting to make the transition from high school to the pros. I believe even in my short amount of time in college that it has already made me a more mature person, as a student, and a basketball player. If you were to have a whole 4 years to prepare the player would be more than ready to join the pros as far as maturity is concerned. In the past when high school players have joined the NBA they have been unprepared for the level of competition their first couple years with a few rare exceptions. College coaches are the smooth transition between the harshness of the NBA and the carefree feel of high school. I interviewed my father, Clifford Robinson, who played his college basketball at the University of Connecticut and then played eighteen years in the NBA and he told me, “I believe playing in college is a necessary step before playing in the NBA because it gives you the confidence to be…

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