Should Athletes Get Paid Essay

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Should student athletes get paid? COMM/215

The question of should student athletes get paid is an argument that is growing in debate in recent years. Mostly pertaining to college Football and Basketball. Especially when the revenue generated from these sports rival those of its professional counterparts. Some would argue that receiving a full athletic scholarship is payment enough. Or, student athletes are no different from any college student working their way through college. However, these student athletes are not guaranteed full scholarships and deal mostly the same pressures of athletes that make their living playing these sports. For example, a four-year
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And what does the labor force that makes it possible for coaches to earn millions, and causes marketers to spend billions, get? Nothing” (Nocera, 2011). According to (Daugherty 2012), Paying student athletes presents the possibility of diminishing the importance of a college education; it maximizes the emphasis on the athlete as opposed to a student. Which would be a valid argument “if you didn’t look around and see jerseys with their names on them being sold in the bookstores. Or see 100,000 people in the stands on a Saturday afternoon. During the season, they can end up putting in 50-hour weeks at their sports, and they learn early on not to take any course that might require real effort or interfere with the primary reason they are on campus: to play football or basketball” (Nocera, 2012). The facts of the matter are that there are students that work late night jobs to wake up and go straight to class to struggle to stay awake. Then you have students these athletes whose efforts create an enormous amount of revenue for these efforts and images. I struggle to understand how you cannot compensate these student athletes when these institutions are in big business to benefit from these students athletic talents. * * * * * * *

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