Should Athletes Get Paid Essay

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Over the years there has been an issue with money around the world but they don’t seem to realize what is causing this problem. Athletes are the problem. They get paid millions of dollars and they don’t play. So my argument is why athletes get paid millions of dollars and sit around and collect it.
My first reason is athletes getting payed while injured. How can you just sit at home and collect money when it can be used on more important things like school budgets. Kids are struggling to get to school and athletes just don’t care and think it’s a joke. Every sports team makes enough money and half the time their star players are hurt. Take NBA for example how can you pay someone one hundred and twenty five million dollars and they get hurt
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Even if he never plays again in the NFL he will have all that money in his bank account and he can spend it freely as he chooses. So whenever an athlete is guaranteed a certain amount of dollars that means they don’t even have to play for that team or in the league and can still collect.
I get the fact that athletes get paid to do their job but I think owners and managers go way over board with paying their players. In my opinion I think all athletic sports teams should have their pay reduced by at least thirty percent. I say this because if their pay rate goes down everything else in the market goes up. Money can be used the right way. Athletes are making too much money in a society where salaries and wages are traditionally based on the value of one 's work. “In today 's society, one should be paid according to the job’s economic importance and their value to
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They shouldn 't be paid millions of dollars a season just to play a game. There should be a cap on their pay, perhaps 100,000 would be good. I understand they provide entertainment, but what need is there for so many fancy cars, and lavish clothes and furniture? Pay them their worth. It’s just ridiculous to find that athletes are just buying the most expensive houses and cars while middle class citizens can barely afford to pay their rent or keep food on the table every night. I think if athletes just cut back on some money the nation would be out of debt in no

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