Should Assisted Suicide Be Legalized? Essay

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Should Assisted Suicide be legalized?
Euthanasia is the act of intentionally ending a life to relieve pain. Euthanasia also known as Assisted Suicide is legal in a few countries and a few U.S states. Protestors and suicide activists have tried to mold this definition into “Dying with Dignity”. Assisted Suicide is intended to indefinitely relief pain of those who are terminally ill or soon to be because of a diagnosis. Euthanasia is put in place to provide patients with the right to choose when they should die. Patients and family members decide euthanasia is how they would like to end their journey and then have a physician prescribe or administer a lethal drug to end their life. Many states are trying to legalize euthanasia so that patients can die on their own time. Assisted Suicide should not be legalized because it goes against the Hippocratic Oath; mentally disabled and terminally ill patients may no longer have the capacity to make logical decisions and it is unethical.
In addition assisted suicide should be illegal because doctors are supposed to save patients and help them live the longest life possible, not assist in killing a patient. Many Doctors have refused to go against their training on helping patients at all cost to assist in suicide (Sathya). Dr. Alan Astrow states that granting physicians a “license to kill” would contradict the life-serving purpose of medicine. “Legalization of voluntary euthanasia cannot be regulated, leading to involuntary euthanasia”…

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