Should Animals Be Used For Scientific Research? Essay

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Animal rights is not a subject that many people tend to think about on a day to day basis, but it is one that should be taken care of. In today’s political world all that is of interest is the new fashion trends or the next president, but what about the hundreds of innocent animals that are being killed every year? Should using animals as test subjects for new drugs or makeup cosmetics be allowed? Or should people, be the subjects? In this essay I will be explaining some important key points such as why this paper should be of any interest to the reader, and any following questions that the reader and I might both share. And how different people might be affected or interested by this animal right’s movement and why.
My opinion is that animals should be used for scientific research but in doing so we should also try to provide the most comfort and healthy living environment for these contributing creatures’. My reasoning for this is that it is because of animals that the medical world has thrived. It is because of animal based research that humans have been able to live longer and more comforting lives. Some of the medical cases that have been progressed due to the use of laboratory animals includes diabetes, breast cancer, HIV/AIDS, heart disease/ stroke and more. My debate is that animals should be used as test subjects but should also be given proper care and allowed communication with other animals. There was a report of scientific research which’s purpose was to…

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