Should Animals Be Used For Medical Research? Essay

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Many people have varying opinions on whether or not animals should be used in medical research. Now thinking about this topic, I have had a varying of opinions myself and the fact is without these animals medical research could only go so long without these animals to test, because in all honesty there aren’t a ton of humans that want to be a test subject unless it’s a last resort to survive. The use of animals in medical research isn’t necessarily sought to be cruel and/or unusual punishment for the furry critters but some people protest the use of these animals because of the shear fact the believe it to be cruel treatment of the animals. It’s hard to calculate just how many animals are used in research for medicine but it is said that the smaller animals such as mice, birds, rats, and fish are not counted in the test subject numbers. Animals have proven to be poor models for human disease research. Because they are genetically different from humans, studying diseases in animals can give us inadequate or mistaken information.

The discussion isn’t as hard as others to comprehend without the animals being used in medical research, we wouldn’t have all the medical advances that were made by researchers/scientists. The hardest things that people have to digest are that the test subjects are animals. Well I’m going out further and saying that at long as the pain of the animal is justified reasonably (which I’m sure almost all are) then it is acceptable. I’m sorry, but this…

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