Essay Should Animals Be Used For Biomedical Research?

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Animal Experimentation Aside from agony and a shortened life, do animals get any benefit from being used for biomedical research? The use of animals for research goes back to Greek and Roman times. Biomedical animal experimentation has led to many cures for diabetes, antibiotics, polio, tranquilizers, etc. In 1966, the U.S. Congress passed the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) to exclude birds and certain types of rats and mice used in research. Many believe we need the use of biomedical research to find advances for future human health. Others argue that animal testing is not necessary, they feel that harming and killing the animals is inhumane (SIRS). This paper will examine the pro, con and my viewpoint on whether animals should be used for biomedical research.
Biomedical Research is important for human medical reasons. Firstly, animals are less important than humans, so it’s okay to use animals for research. A Pro-animal group promotes the slogan, “Ever heard of leprosy? Thanks to animal research you won’t.” (Goodman). The historic philosopher Rene Descartes did research on rabbits and dogs and eventually led him to believe that animals had no souls (Goodman). Justin R. Goodman, a researcher for the American Sociological Association, points out that biomedical research helped to create in vitro fertilization, which led to the 2010 Nobel Prize (Goodman). Secondly, research on chimpanzees has improved the quality of life for humans, while also treating the animals humanely. Dr.…

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