Should Animals Be Used? Experiments For Human Benefit? Essay

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There are a few different opinions on whether animals should be used in experiments for human benefit or not. A lot of factors can contribute to both sides of the argument for animal testing. Animals are experimented on mainly to develop new medicines for humans and to test products to determine if they are safe enough for humans to use. Studies have been conducted to find cures for cancer, and animals have been used to further the research. Many experimenters know that animals can be harmed in the process, but most of them take this into consideration. On the other side, sometimes there is no gain for humans when animals are experimented on. When this occurs, people begin to only focus on the negative effects of animal experimentation.
Firstly, animals should be able to be used in experiments for human benefit. This can be explained through the Utilitarianism theory. Utilitarianism can be defined as the theory where an action can be labelled as morally correct if the outcome positively creates happiness for the greatest amount of people or beings. Peter Singer is a Utilitarianism that believes that animals should be treated with the same respect that humans are given. He believes that if a few animals suffered in order to save thousands of people, then the actions can be justified. Singer stated, “My position has always been that whether an act is right or wrong depends on its consequences.” With this being said, many experimenters do take the animal’s safety into…

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