Should Animals Be Used Animals For Food, Clothing, And Entertainment

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A Case to Defend the Use of Animals Through history, humans have used animals for food, clothing, and entertainment. Christianity and Judaism’s scripture teaches that God created animals and put them on the earth to serve human beings. However, the teachings of major Asian religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism say that it is wrong for human to harm animals. Therefore, various religions have affected how people around the world view animals and led people to argue that whether the use of animals is justified. Since naturalist Charles Darwin determined that like humans, animals are sensory, which means they are able to experience the pain, people became more concerned about the pain humans inflict on animals. In recent decades, numerous animal rights organizations and activists have been emerging with missions to establish and protect the rights of all animals.They argue that animals and humans have equal rights; therefore, animals are born with the right not to be used by humans in any way. They also seek to end all human interference in the lives of animals, regardless of using them for food, fashion and cosmetics, entertainment, or science. While this context has directly affected all who use animals commercially, few have been more affected than scientists who use animals in their research. Unlike many people wearing animal fur as a symbol of wealth and high fashion, or abusing animals to make profit for the entertainment industry (such as circus and film),…

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