Should Animals Be Tested On Animals? Essay examples

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Imagine your household pets eyes bleeding from cosmetic testing. Or a dog being trapped in animal research after almost twelve years and being so afraid to step out onto the grass. This is a serious problem all around the world and humans should start taking a bigger stance to end this kind of testing. The idea of testing makeup or any cosmetics on animals is misguided. Unlike humans, animals are unable to have the choice of not being tested on, while humans are given the opportunity to volunteer. Humans have a voice to speak out against this problem. If makeup is of such importance why aren’t humans volunteering to be tested on?
Animals are living creatures just as people are. The world does not need a new eyeliner or new soap products so badly that it should come at the expense of an animal 's life. Most of these test have an extremely cruel treatment. A lot of the time these test do not even lead to the release of a new product. People who buy makeup products do not even began to think about or look for cruelty free makeup they just think it is pretty and buy it before actually doing any research, but yet say they care about animals.
There should be more willing volunteers that could work for certain companies or could even be given money to be tested on. This would be a better alternative because an actual person would

have a say in what 's going on and would be aware of what is happening while these test are going. Face it people do not know what goes on…

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