Should Animals Be Kept In Zoos Research Paper

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Animals should not be kept in Zoos
Zoos have been a place for human entertainment since such a long time that it is now widely considered a tradition, giving the pleasure of wholesome family activity. However, I believe that zoos violate the rights of animals to live naturally and freely in the wild, and it upsets the balance of nature. This paper argues why animals should not be kept in zoos, and also tries to refute the counterarguments that claim that zoos are good for the animals and/or society.
Animals that are held captive in zoos usually are enclosed in cages and deprived of everything natural and important to them. They are dispossessed of their natural habits like hunting, grazing, developing social structures, finding their mates
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They are forced to live with people mocking at them, children banging on their windows and camera flashing on their faces. Animals get bored and depressed, and because of that, several forms of disorders are also reported in animals that are kept in zoos. Even worse news are about how all zoos are not equal and how only a small number of zoos are officially accredited by the authorities. Several zoos are said to have used mood-swinging drugs on animals for the sick purpose of entertainment and shadowing their depression disorders. Many animals have to live under poor conditions either because zoos face economic crisis, or they have a bad management. Hundreds of animals die due to poor living conditions in zoos; many animals are killed during attempted escape and unnatural attempts of …show more content…
I, on the other hand, believe that animals have natural tendency to hunt and survive in the wild, maintaining the ecosystem, and zoos are only creating further risk on their lives by disturbing that, and in several cases, failing to provide a good quality of life. There are better ways of protecting endangered species, such as the natural methods used in national parks and wildlife conservation areas. People can still visit those national parks and conservation areas, and get the experience, knowledge and entertainment in a much better form than the zoos. Instead of capturing endangered species and forcing them to breed, we should be creating awareness in conserving the environment, forests and wildlife ahead of

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