Should Animal Testing Be Banned? Essay

1172 Words Aug 17th, 2015 5 Pages
Animal testing has been around for several centuries and has always caused debates on if it should be kept or not this essay aims to persuade you that animal testing should be banned completely everywhere that hasn 't banned it already by banning cosmetic and medical animal testing altogether

The biggest producers have banned animal testing completely setting an example and being a good role model for some companies and countries although some countries have banned animal testing they have not completely banned it they will either allow cosmetic testing or medical testing to continue the same with companies they always state that they don 't test on animals but if you keep looking you will find that they will test on animal if necessary even though there is no necessary reason to test on the defenceless animals , Lush sets a massive example on how to not test on animals from the products they buy to them providing their finalised made product they won 't even buy from companies that test on animals making them lose out on profits. People are seeing it as unethical and are protesting and refusing to buy anything tested on animals including dog/cat food for their pets. The biggest producers definitely need to stand up more to persuade and convince the other companies that they don’t need to go anywhere near an innocent animal for the testing of their products making everyone feeling positive if they know that nothing has been harmed in the…

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