Should Animal Testing Be Banned? Essay

1473 Words Nov 12th, 2014 6 Pages
Each year, thousands of animals are euthanized thanks to animal testing. Several people may argue that scientist are putting the lives of animals in danger by testing on them, on the other hand, is animal lives valued over human lives? By showing emotion there may be some guilt for harming the lives of animals, although puzzling over the percentage of human lives stay saved from animal testing doing all the research worthwhile. Should animal testing be banned? “Arguments against animal testing” by Natasha Bantwal was written for the general audience World Health Organization is interested within the articles concerning animal testing. This article is narrow. As a result, of Brantwal uses several facts to validate her opinion. In this article, Bantwal has with success, coordinated Aristotle’s tools of logos, ethos and pathos. For example, Bantwal embodies an ethos, otherwise referred to as the argument by character in her writing. Reading through this article, Bantwal energetic comprehension and knowledge of animal testing is clear. To provide herself much additional credit, she quotes a specialist who additionally accepts animal testing is truly not beneficial. Furthermore, additionally to ethos, Batwal uses argumentation by logos at some point of this piece. She gives varied logical confirmation with references why animal testing is wrong and pointless. For instance, she specifically illustrates, as an example that sedative hypnotic drug and Clioquniol, that show animal…

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