Should Animal Hunting A Sport Or Cruel And Unnecessary? Essay examples

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Should we consider animal hunting a sport or cruel and unnecessary?
Although back in the days hunting was crucial for the humans to survive, I think today 's is pointless to be killing innocent animals just for recreational things. Because of the hunting we have a lot of species in extinction like the Tasmanian tiger, passenger pigeon, and sea mink. Because of the hunting a lot of these animals who are injured but not killed have painful deaths. Although in some place hunting is legal most hunting occurs on private properties where laws that could protect the wildlife are difficult to enforce. Besides of the wild animals, a lot of other wildlife are killed while hunting, for example, a dog that has been used for hunting can chase by a deer or any wild animal, and they can get biting and lead to death, or the dog can get lost, and most of the time they are found dead because they die of starvation or get killed by any hunters who think is a wild animal. In this essay, I will talk about other option to have fun with animals without killing them. An animal has the same right to live as one of us. The only right we have to kill them is when they are too sick, and they are not going to get better, they should be euthanized if they are suffering or just when a person life is at risk. Because of the hunting we have a lot of extinct animals. As human begin animal should have rights too and they should have equal consideration. Do we kill a friend to eat or to have…

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