Essay on Should Adoption Be Legal?

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If you saw a small, innocent, helpless child stranded and trapped in a dangerous place or position that could affect its entire life, would you try to save it or would you go on with your life as if nothing ever happened? Approximately 135,813 children were adopted in 2008, all of these children were saved from a potentially dangerous life that could’ve led to a terrible, unfortunate ending. People argue that adoptees deserve to know their origins, but closed or confidential adoptions are superior to open adoptions because birth parents and the adoptive families benefit from closed adoptions and children are provided with a better life.
There are four main reasons why a couple or single person would choose adoption over having a child of their own. The first reason for choosing adoption is infertility. A lot of people who are infertile don’t like to broadcast their unfortunate medical condition to everyone, therefore adoption would be a good choice for them and a closed adoption would also be beneficial. Another possible reason for an individual to choose adoption could be asexuality. Asexuality refers to the situation in which a person lacks attraction of any kind to the opposite or same gender. Adopting a child would be an adequate choice for an asexual individual.
A third reason for deciding to partake in an adoption would be the concern for the child 's welfare. A person could feel the biological parent is not in the proper conditions to care for the child and choose…

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