Essay on Should Abstinence Only Sex Education?

1533 Words Mar 11th, 2016 null Page
Today, there are many arguments about whether or not our sex education system should be revamped, not to mention which topics should and shouldn 't be covered in our schools. The idea that abstinence-only sex education is, of course, commonly refuted—after all, it was only recently that a Texas school district, whose curriculum was solely abstinence-only with no coverage on contraceptives, had a chlamydia outbreak. The Guttmacher institute also states that 99% of women ages 15 to 44 have used at least one sort of contraceptive method in their lifetime, although this includes the far-less reliable methods like pulling out and natural planning. This means that at some point, students should be taught about contraceptives, considering that almost all women are going to use them in their lifetime in one form or another. (And, of course, it takes two to do a heterosexual tango, not to mention any form of sex other than cisgender heterosexual individuals having penis-in-vagina sex, which means that contraceptive education should not only be limited to those who are perceived as women by their schools.) However, when the concept of improving upon our country 's sexual education system is mentioned, there are usual two points to refute it: the first, that parents should be the ones to teach their children about these sorts of things, which ignores absent parents and parents, like my grandmother, who refuse to talk about anything, and the second, which states that sex education is…

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