Should Abortion Be Morally Wrong? Essay examples

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How would a person react if a doctor stole their right to live? Think about adults not having the ability to speak or express their feelings. Unborn children in their mother’s womb experience this predicament. They have no say in what will become of them or whether or not they will be allowed to live. Their entire future and any great contributions they could make during their life could be wiped away through the selfish act of their parents. Not only several million children killed every year, but also several thousand maternal deaths every year have been caused as a result of abortion. I firmly believe that abortion will always be morally wrong since it not only ends the human life of a child, but also deeply harms the mother of each aborted child both physically and mentally. Many Pro-choice advocates argue that a child in the uterus can not be not fully developed yet, so therefore we can kill it since the child could not be classified as human yet. I am a young honors student in high school, but this reasoning seems very illogical and even puerile or naive to me. We cannot begin killing young children in the womb simply because they have not grown to their potential yet, or that they haven’t been seen yet. The size of the child has no affect on the fact that abortion murders a small speechless child and prevents future lives. Throughout history several societies have categorized populations not human in order to kill them or cause mass carnage, such as the Jewish…

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