Should Abortion Be Legalized? Essay

2345 Words Dec 2nd, 2015 10 Pages
Abortion is worldwide that should be stopped in the United states. Abortion is murdering a human bee inside a women and it 's alive however, women don 't understand that because they think it 's an easy step in life. Women that abort suffer from it after years with emotional day and nights, others suffer from health issue so think about it before aborting. There 's many solution that can be done to stop this but the whole community has to get together and agree with legalizing abortion to stop killing babies. Babies also want to live and have a future and see the world. If the women can 't because she can 't support the baby there 's a lot of help out there. abortion should just be illegal to those women that really can 't have a child because their health or they were raped. The issue is that women are aborting babies not realizing babies do have lives too, their human be just like all of us. This affects the lives of the baby, possibly your body and women 's that can not carry a baby inside of them for the cause of health problems. Women are killing lives for their own mistakes. There 's another woman that cannot have babies, therefore, why kill a baby when you can give it for adoption or to someone that cannot have babies. Stop killing lives that haven 't even seen the world that want a chance and they grow inside a women, their human be too just like we all are. This specifically affects the baby because the baby is the one being killed. An innocent baby that he/she has…

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