Should Abortion Be Legalized? Essay example

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Worldwide the topic of abortion is the biggest controversies. Many people due to religions matter believe that abortion is killing a human, but the real scientific definition is when doctors induce termination of a pregnancy with destruction of the embryo or fetus. Pro- life believe that once a women has sexual relationships she should be more than ready to have a baby coming along. But what about she doesn 't want or isn 't ready to raise a child should she be force to endures what’s against her willing? What if she 's not finically ready how is she going to be able to raise a child without money, if she 's not financial ready during the pregnancy she 'll face an unattended pregnancy, she might come across anxiety, which may lead her not to want to bond with the baby after birth this is called Postpartum depression as you can see not only does the mother face problems but the baby as well. I believe abortion should be legalized because if you not ready why bring a baby to suffer to the world.

I believe abortion should be an open chose to any women no matter what is the reason behind the abortion. No women should be force to raise a child if not you believe a women who has been raped will want to carry a fetus for nine months and raise a child that was a production of a horrifying moment, and in most cases the women doesn 't speak up and until they do it’s too late to have an abortion. Yes many of pro-life say she can just give it up for adoption and still let…

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