Essay about Should Abortion Be Legalized?

1082 Words Nov 18th, 2015 null Page
Illegalizing abortion or legalizing marijuana are only a few of the things that spark debate in many people today. The world is often talking about other countless things, but these topics are ones that seem to come up quite a bit. Also, same-sex marriage and its’ effects on children are put into this category of things widely discussed amongst our world today. Gay marriage is a matter that has been argued on for a number of years, and not just gay marriage but simply for the fact of being gay. This is something that has not been accepted for decades, and although more of society is starting to accept it, it still is looked down upon by lots of people. For a long time, people have disagreed with it more than they have agreed. I feel as though many people disagree with it for a variety of reasons, not just because it isn’t traditional or accepted. Adding on to this, ever since gay marriage has become legal it’s causing more controversy than ever. When talking about gay marriage it’s really important to consider all of the other important factors that are involved within a marriage. One of these important factors is adoption; one of the reasons that so many people do not agree with same sex marriage, because they know most couples strongly want to start a family. These people are concerned for the children a same-sex couple may adopt. But, does same-sex marriage really affect the children involved?
When discussing gay rights in general, it is never about something singular.…

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