Should Abortion Be Legalized? Essay

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Imagine your terminally ill grandmother lying in a hospital bed, slowly dying of cancer, and the only two words she continues to repeat are “kill me.” If physician-assisted suicide, or PAS, was legal in the United States, loved ones would no longer have to suffer. In order to allow terminally ill patients to die with dignity, the U.S. government needs to legalize PAS. PAS should be legalized because it grants patients the right to a respectable death, the process ensures patients are competent enough to request it, and US physicians and AMA board members approve of it. Every human being has the right to an honorable passing. This means that when it is time for a patient to die, he or she can leave this Earth on their own measures. Anthony Back and Robert Pearlman, both professors with MDs at UW School of Medicine, explain that patients who choose PAS regard it as “a way of limiting loss of self due to personal disintegration” (par. 3). As time goes on, symptoms of a patient’s diagnosis get worse and patients often lose their sense of self. Before loss of identity occurs, patients should have the option of PAS so they are able to die with dignity knowing that their illnesses did not take everything from them.
It can be hard for a patient’s family to let their loved ones go, but a family member’s opinion, based on morals or religion, does not outweigh that of the one lying in the hospital bed. The ultimate decision on terminative care should always be up to the respected…

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