Essay on Should Abortion Be Legal?

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How long will it take to teach our society that it should always protect human life from the moment of conception? There have been more than 50 million abortions in the U.S. since Roe vs. Wade in 1973. Why are children not protected from the moment they are conceived? Abortion does not protect life. It is one of our cultures greatest mistakes. Abortion should be illegal because it is the killing of a human life, many health risks are involved, and funding is expensive.

Under the Constitution, all life should be protected. The fetus is a small developing child and deserves also to be protected under the constitution. Someone has to prove that a fetus is not a human life. A fetus has a heart beat by 3-4 weeks. The law today gives women the freedom to destroy the life in their womb. It is accepted by some that do not want the responsibility. They think it is a casual sense to destroy a human life.

Most women who have abortions go through emotional deadening which is that you are not able to react appropriately around others. 92% of women go through this after having an abortion.86% have increased tendency towards anger or rage (48% reported they became more violent when angered). Once a life exists, no one has the right to kill that person no matter how dependent or small that person is. Murder is the killing of an innocent human life. Therefore,

abortion is murder. Many reject the idea that abortion (killing the fetus in the womb) is the murder of an innocent human life…

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