Essay on Should Abortion Be Legal?

758 Words Jul 31st, 2016 4 Pages
Abortion is one of the biggest controversies in our country. Over the years, people debate whether abortion should be legal or illegal. Some people think abortion is a right a woman should have, but some disagree and believe abortion is a crime that a woman should be punishing for.
Why abortion should be legal? There are many answers to that question. When people hear the word abortion, they feel negative, angry and see it as an awful thing, but no one stop to think why a woman need to get an abortion. People need to start seeing abortion as a positive and a wonderful thing that exist in the world because it has helped many women. It’s a simple procedure that gives women a choice whether to have a baby at a certain time. Abortion allows women to avoid the risk of losing her life and/or the baby during pregnancy. Not all women are healthy enough to be pregnant and give birth; therefore, abortion is a life saver for those women. Unwanted pregnancy from rape or incest is a terrible thing for a woman to have to go through. Women should not have to carry a baby from the person that harm and hurt them in so many ways. The baby would just be a bad and horrible reminder of the experiences for the rest of their lives. The stress each woman has to go through during that pregnancy would be tremendous. Some might not be able to handle and might end up hurting themselves in the process. Abortion is a hard decision to make, but it’s a simple way to help each woman during the stressful…

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