Essay Should Abortion Be Legal?

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In today 's society we have many social issues that we face on a daily basis. One of the largest social problems adolescents and young adults face today is abortion. I have been asked by a local health physician to discuss this topic and inform the public especially those who are being affected by an abortion decision.

Abortion is a recurring issue especially if it can be looked at as a solution. They 're many effects to these decisions not only to the female but to those around them and the fetus as well. I will discuss why many others and I believe that abortion should remain legal and women should have this option based on medical research, women 's rights and freedoms, crime rate and finally a woman 's mindset, lifestyle and beliefs. I strongly believe that abortion should remain legal for these reasons.

The definition of abortion is, the termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed within the first 28 weeks of pregnancy.

Firstly, abortion should be legal because of what medical research reveals and a woman 's rights and freedoms.

When a pregnancy is unwanted or accidental it can take a heavy toll on a woman’s physical, mental and emotional well-being which has been proven by a study performed by Dr. Elaine Johnson, a certified physician. A 2013 medical study performed by the APA (American Psychological Association) compared the health of a woman who followed through with the procedure versus a woman who denied the procedure. The results of the study…

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