Essay about Should Abortion Be Legal?

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Abortion is one of the most controversial topics talked about today. In 1973 the Supreme Court made a decision in the case Roe vs. Wade and legalized abortion in the United States of America. It was declared that women, with her doctor, can decide whether or not abortion is the best choice for her, without restriction. This decision started a civil war between two different parties of opinion. Those that were pro-life and pro-choice, against those who did not support the decision at all. It started a brutal feud. Abortion is neither right or wrong; it is a matter of personal opinion and choice in which each side can attest too. (Image 1, Conservapedia, 2015) The question that remains today, is should abortions be legal? Is ending a pregnancy before birth immoral or moral; and under what circumstances would it be okay? These questions masquerade critical thoughts and debates. In order for women to abort an unborn fetus, they have to obliterate the embryo or a fetus causing demise, in another expression, death. I deem, if there is a violent act force which can consist of rape or incest then the psychological and emotional injury that can be inflicted on the mother may root additional harm to the affiliation of her and the child, so that makes me, pro-choice. An abortion is a secure medical procedure that takes place in the first trimester. Anything after the first trimester, I am obviously against because by then the fetus is considered a baby. The fetus is reliant on…

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