Essay on Should Abortion Be Legal?

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Choosing Life Over Death Conflicting issues often occur over the subject of abortions and whether or not they should be permitted. Each year between forty and fifty million abortions occur, that 's an estimated 125,000 deaths every day just from abortions. This is a very emotional topic as it deals with the life of a precious baby in which the child 's life is in the hands of its mother who has the option to have the child or kill it before it 's even born. Abortion by definition is defined as “the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first twenty-eight weeks of pregnancy.” An abortion isn 't just the death of an unborn baby, it’s murdering a child that will now have no chance to live on Earth and prove his or her worth. Abortions are cruel and should be considered murder as it purposely stops the heart of a child, giving the child no chance to live. We should fight for the rights of those who can 't yet speak for themselves and support life for those children who would otherwise be aborted and have absolutely no chance. Every day, we as individuals are forced to make many decisions. The decisions we make can often affect the rest of our lives. When two individuals choose to have sexual intercoarse they often don 't look at what the outcome of their decision may be. Pregnancy is a very possible outcome of this choice and is something that cannot be ignored or forgotten. Many women are faced with an…

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