Essay on Should Abortion Be Legal?

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Rights to Abortion
Every year 4 out of 10 pregnancies result in abortion. An abortion is a deliberate termination of pregnancy usually performed within the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. Women often lean towards abortions because of rape, depression, and/or miscarriages. Some people agree with abortion being legal, while others do not agree with it at all. It is becoming harder for women to receive abortions due to the fact that some people do not support it. Although many people do not believe in abortions it should be legal because, it takes from women 's rights and ability to make decisions.
Abortion is becoming harder to access. According to the US News, “women 's rights have been politicized” (US News). Instead of women having their rights the government are making them limited by trying to ban abortion, so women would not be able to have an abortion. Right now, Congress is trying to ban abortion by passing bills, which takes away from women rights, For example, in Texas there is a debate going on to say whether or not abortion could be present in Texas. According to CNN Reporter, “If the law is allowed to go into effect it would shutter all but about 10 clinics in the state” (“Liberal Justices Critical of Texas Abortion Law”). The government is trying it make it harder for women to access abortions by limiting the amount of clinics in each state, and if there is a clinic in the state women would have to drive long distances to attend the clinics. By trying to limit the…

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