Should Abortion Be Legal For The United States? Essay

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In May 2014, a report by Lydia Saad, read that Americans still stand split on abortion, with 47 percent of adults viewing themselves as “pro-choice” and 46 percent as “pro-life”. It is evident that the issue of abortion has been and will continue to be an ongoing battle in the United States. There is no doubt that unwanted pregnancies will occur within the country; the next step is to help the women who are involved. There are various instances in which women choose to have abortions. Women primarily give at least 3 reasons for choosing abortion: ¾ say that having a baby would mess with their job, education and pre-existing responsibilities; about ¾ of women say they would not be able to afford a child and ½ say they would rather not be a single parent or are currently having problems with their significant other (“U.S. Abortion Facts”). There are many reasons why abortion should remain legal in the United States, mainly because not all women are ready to be a mother, not all fetuses are in for a normal human life, and outlawing the procedure will most definitely not stop it from happening. Before debating the topic of whether abortion is just or not and whether or not it should be legal, one must know a bit about it first. Abortion is not for women who do not wish to be mothers, it is for women who do not wish to be pregnant. The biggest questions asked about abortion are as follows: Does human personhood begin at conception? If so, is abortion murder?…

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