Utilitarian Abortion

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What is abortion? Abortion is the immoral act of killing an innocent being. Why is abortion legal? Well, for the most part, it is really the only way of removing the baby from the fetus, to end a pregnancy, excluded plan B which is to be used early after contraception. Do you believe this act to be just? One may not believe so. So why exactly is abortion legal? It has its reasons, but in all honesty, abortion should be seen as illegal. If abortion is to be legal, shouldn’t rape or murder be legal? Furthermore, abortion should be illegal simply because it is an immoral act, and one has the right to have an opportunity at life, and there being other justifiable ways to go about the process of not being impregnated or giving birth. Throughout …show more content…
Well first off, utilitarian’s base their philosophy off of all things being good. They seek happiness out of all consequences. With the happiness of a Utilitarian, comes “The Greatest Happiness Principle” in which happiness is not just sought for the individual but all of humanity. So how would you think a Utilitarian would feel about abortion? Would a Utilitarian feel the same way as Kant would? In looking at abortion, a Utilitarian would be concerned with the pleasure and pain of the situation where abortion is okay and in vice versa. At one point in time, a utilitarian’s focus on the fetus and consider the outcome of the fetus. They believe that the fetus’s future may bring happiness, rather than suffering when being aborted. In claiming that the fetus 's future life will bring happiness, they see a possibility of a probable balance of happiness over the suffering of the fetus. (Abortion) So why abortion? It seems as though, if the baby were to be born, and put for adoption, the baby would have a decrease in happiness (finding out their parents didn’t want them). With this being said, a Utilitarian would support abortion. In some cases, a Utilitarian who prescribes to the future of happiness of the child, combined with the estimated value of the effects on others, would oppose abortion, adding the fact that they support the increase to the human population. Referring back to “The Greatest happiness” principle, …show more content…
This is a great anti-abortion argument because the Lord would not put a child in anyone 's life if He did not have great plans for it. This is another great anti-abortion argument because the Lord would never knit together trash and He loves his children and honors them completely.”(ChristiaNet)
Furthermore, a study group of the Pew Research Center did a study in 40 countries to figure which issues were either morally unacceptable, morally acceptable or not an issue at all, and abortion was one of them. Looking at the statistics at hand, amongst people of the globe, 56% of people found abortion to be unacceptable while 15% percent found it acceptable. (Pew Research

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