Should Abortion Be Legal Essay

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What is abortion? Abortion is the immoral act of killing an innocent being. Why is abortion legal? Well, for the most part, it is really the only way of removing the baby from the fetus, to end a pregnancy, excluded plan B which is to be used early after contraception. Do you believe this act to be just? One may not believe so. So why exactly is abortion legal? It has its reasons, but in all honesty, abortion should be seen as illegal. If abortion is to be legal, shouldn’t rape or murder be legal? Furthermore, abortion should be illegal simply because it is an immoral act, and one has the right to have an opportunity at life, and there being other justifiable ways to go about the process of not being impregnated or giving birth. Throughout …show more content…
Those who want babies to live are pro-life, and those who think otherwise are pro-choice. Now which one are you? If you think abortions should be illegal then you are pro-life, and vouch like for a baby to have a chance at life. In the 19th century, an amendment was put into effect which states: “deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” allowed those African Americans, who were once slaves, to be free, giving them an opportunity at life. It also would restore legal protection of unborn children. (National Review) This amendment is known as the 14th amendment. Even though the 14th amendment supports a woman’s choice to keep the living being inside of her or aborting it, who says an unborn baby to be born doesn’t have an option at life? Now, as an unborn baby, whose heartbeat is alive and well, their life is soon to be taken away, thanks to his mother, in which they no longer have an opportunity at life. For all you may know, that baby who was to be born may have an influential impact on society or even, maybe the world. Didn’t God say, for us being 's to be fruitful and multiply? In one being Christian, isn 't this a law applied to us for us to follow? One may believe so, but what if the woman was raped? Even though this a very immoral act, you should still have the kid, especially if you are a Christian. According Don Marquis , who is an 19 century philosopher, explained that abortion is the act of killing an innocent being who has an right to life, and according to the 14th amendment, in which the right to life is stripped from them in the process of abortion. In addition, not only is this morally wrong, but you are also robbing that baby’s future, who may be of great value like yourself. (Notes) In relation to Marquis, it is said in the bible that one is put on this earth for a reason, with the support of the following

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