Should Abortion Be Born Or Aborted? Essay

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Life or death decisions can be almost impossible to make. Deciding whether an infant should be born or aborted can be even more challenging for a woman or couple to make. Today, abortion remains as one of the most controversial topics present in society. Multiple factors can come into the verdict such as an unplanned pregnancy, financial problems, health complications, or simply not being ready to have a child. On the other hand, morality can come into question along with religious values that suggest it is inhumane to choose whether a fetus should live or die. Whether one is pro-choice or pro-life, abortion is justified because it is a fundamental right for women, and is occasionally a necessary medical procedure. Opponents of abortion believe it is immoral to make such a decision regarding the life of a fetus; however, the verdict is up to the responsibility of a woman to decide. Women have practiced abortion in every culture and at every point in history regardless of its legality. In the United States, abortion was a legal practice until the 1880s when anti-abortion legislation banned the practice, unless the woman’s life was in danger. Anti-abortion laws were used in an effort to control women by placing them in the traditional motherly role, and to constrict women’s health care. The effect of illegal abortion led to unsafe practices for pregnant women to have an abortion (Obos). By 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court made abortion legal once again in the pivotal court case…

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