Should Abortion Be A Right? Essay examples

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Abortion. It’s not an easy topic to talk about, especially when sometimes, people 's’ lives are involved. Such a sensitive topic has been widely debated for centuries. Many in today’s politics have split into two factions over this topic; Pro-life, and pro-choice. The pro-lifers argue about the ethics of aborting a fetus, and often dub pro-choicers “pro-abortionists.” However, many gloss over the fact that pro-choicers emphasize just that; bringing a choice. Abortion should be a right to people; Denying abortion is dehumanizing to those who need abortions, and deprives half of the population a basic right.
A fertilized egg is not the same as a grown person. Many people, by denying abortion on the basis that the fetus is a person with rights, are casting the rights of grown women away and giving their unborn children more rights than they do themselves. “...Abortion is not an innocuous [non harmful] choice, but kills a baby” (“A new look at abortion statistics” 2016). To play devil’s advocate, imagine this scenario: You are standing in a room. On one side of the room, a petri dish with a fertilized egg is falling off of a table, and on the other side a newborn child is also falling as the same time. Which side of the room would you chose? The answer for most is difficult, but obvious. The newborn child takes priority. Why is this? If a fetus is considered a human being right full rights and power, could one catch either dish or baby and feel the same amount of guilt and…

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