Should A Break Between High School And College Do More Harm Than Good?

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Could Taking a Break Between High School and College Do More Harm Than Good?
Taking a break between high school and college can be beneficial for some; others not so much. I, however, fall into the other category. Not that I contemplate taking a break is a dangerous idea because I do not. It is not the break itself that is damaging; it is how long of a break you take between the two that ultimately determines your successfulness in college.
My future was all figured out, or so I believed. The military was going to be my ticket towards paying for college. I lacked any knowledge about student loans or how they worked. I assumed you needed to pay for college up front before you started each semester. I knew there was no way I could afford to do that. Neither one of my parents finished high school so they were completely clueless as to what steps I needed to take. Personally, I do not recall anyone helping figure out my situation either. The high school had counselors, but you needed to seek them out and know what questions to ask in order to obtain help. I won’t say I was less fortunate for the reason that I owned everything I needed and then some, but when it came to knowing the proper steps to college I would classify myself as such.
I enlisted in the military and set out to use the G.I. Bill to pay for college. Some friends of mine already went through boot camp; I told myself if they can do it so can I. All I needed was to graduate high school and I was all…

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