Short Term Goals Of Making A School Essay

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Just like many of my peers, I came to college in order to allow myself a better and more option-filled future to do whatever it is that I decide to set my focus on. However, to obtain the right education and experiences to enable this, goals (both short-term and long-term) must be set. My short-term goals include making A’s in all of my courses this semester, securing an internship for the summer involving animals, and acing all of my chemistry 101 tests. As for my long-term goals, I want to get accepted into veterinary school, maintain a 3.5 or higher GPR as I get my undergraduate degree, and to positively impact others lives with my work. In order to achieve my short-term goals of making A’s in my courses for the semester, getting an internship, and acing all of the chemistry tests, a lot of hard work and knowledge will be needed. In pursuance of all A’s, I will need to set a lot of hours aside for studying for each class. This will allow me to get a better understanding of the material as well as allowing myself the opportunity to research further into what we learn during lectures and labs. The same goes for chemistry, but with the addition of practicing the material I don’t know until I have it completely down, as well as attending office hours and tutoring sessions for what I can’t get on my own. If needed, I will also join a study group so that my peers and I can work together to get a deep understanding of the material. For both of these goals, I will need to have…

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