Short Term Goals For Your Long Term Academic Goals Essay example

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1. Describe, in detail short term goals for each of the following categories that will contribute toward your long-term academic goal in the upcoming year. You must explain at least 2 goals for each of the following.
1). Physical health
Not eating is the major health problem for most of peoples, this happened to me as well, I barely eating breakfast every day from past couple years, and why this happened to me is because I just cannot wake up that early and it became a bad habits. And not eating breakfast does affect my emotions and my physical condition. I will be hungry at the middle of class, that affect my attention cannot be focused. Therefore, our teacher Susan Holmes mentioned in the first class that the breakfast is really important for our body and it will improve our body in both mental and physical way. Therefore, my short-term and long-term goal are both trying to eat breakfast every day from now on.
Drinking is extremely harmful for people’s health. My short-term goals is to only have two bottle of beer per week. My long-term goal is to drink as less as possible under any circumstances. I have 2 years drinking history, it became my necessary daily things. I usually drink 1 beer per day or two days in past 2 years, is like a habit for me. However, I drink more frequently when I feel stressful, sad, and anxiety. Therefore, trying to quit or stop drinking is such a huge challenge for me. However, if I want to have a good physical health, I must stop or at least…

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