Short Term Drinking Effects On The Body And The Mind Essay example

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Alcohol has been around for centuries and has wheedled its way into many cultures. But that might not be a good thing. The way society approaches alcohol does not necessarily express the severity of how alcohol effects the body, the mind or the community.
Serious alcohol consumption has very harmful effects on the body and the mind, but a lot of people might not realize to what extent. The most common knowledge consists of liver and kidney damage, and maybe a few heart problems. But it also includes stomach ailments, stomach and brain cancer, serious brain damage, memory loss, etc. Short term drinking effects can generally be fixed, but when it comes to long term drinking effects, the complete halt in activity within the body and mind have the potential to last forever. A good way to describe it might be to say that the mind physically shrinks. Though that is not the case, it can be illustrated as such. Picture a healthy working mind as a fully lit scan of a brain. Activity is high, full or red and yellows. Now, in a scan of a damaged brain, black areas will be visible in places like the cerebellum and the thalamus/hypothalamus region. On the scan of an alcohol dependant mind, these are the areas no longer active. The brain has stayed the same physical size, but the capacity of potential working space has been diminished. In these cases the renewal of brain cells have been completely halted by the alcohol. Thiamine (vitamin B1), found in foods like meat, whole grains,…

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