Short Term Consequences

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The short-term consequences were unheard because at the time all I saw was blood and anger, however I felt like my back was against the wall and I had to show my rage somehow and by going up to that woman in the parking lot I needed to step back and assess what I really would have done if it wasn’t for the tranquility from my friend and the police officers hotline. Overall there was a small window for my to react in and I had nothing besides revenge on my mind however I was proud that I didn’t do something stupid such as slashing their tires or keying the truck because that would have put me in a bad spot in the long term. Executive planning is always something that we take for granted and we don’t realize what a gift it is to have control …show more content…
People 's motives vary from good to bad so we shouldn’t be offended so easily because it could be a totally different scenario from their perspective however at times we don’t know how else to react to something because we have never faced such adversity in our lives and so we forget and don’t think clear so it becomes even harder to understand what we are initially mad at. Everyone else has had some tension in their lives in which they want to take out but tend some misplace their aggression at times and fall subject to criticism because they are unwanted by the people they are surrounded by. Everyone wants to be looked up to and be a leader but very few have the qualities required to be a leader. I want to reflect on myself as this paper demonstrates the hardships I have faced and how I look at a scenario and tell myself that it is okay to back down because we all make mistakes it about how to learn to be better afterward that really counts not the immediate response we get necessarily. I have no real hate towards anyone on this earth however at times I am flooded with emotion and lose sight of what I really stand for making me an angry man but if I can learn to accept people 's differences and tell myself that I am better than the way I am feeling I will be better off. So in my lifetime I can acknowledge how far I have come because of how I have learned to deal with myself and the different way in which I overcame the hardships I faced, I will be the one to reap the benefits, not anyone else. So for every negative action or reaction I face I plan to react in a positive way and whether the person lashing out at me is putting down my economic status, religious background or even my political view I can always ease the tension and be honest about how I feel because I am the one in control, not them. So for everyone who

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