Short Summary: The Marriage Math: Marriage And Marriage

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The Marriage Math
One rite of passage that a high number of people dote on is marriage. It is incredible walking down a luxurious carpeted aisle in a densely populated arena to witness the new union. In a great deal, as much as many people could wish to have their families, the first time to separate from the care of parents seems a little challenging as they might not be ready for the new roles awaiting them according to wright (pp.136, para.2). We ever witness most wedding couple shed tears. Although almost difficult to see through their wedding veils, in the case of the bride, the mood can signal the intimacy and care of parents they are sure to miss in their future lives. Imagine this day seeing a bride in her satin heels as still anticipating for what the bright future life holds for her, all the wedding stuff matching like rifles displayed in a gun rack, coherently illuminating impeccably as though Christ, gets most of the glory.
On the wedding day, couples enjoy the gifts and prize their friends and their family members present them not knowing it a sign of wishing them a good-future life. Indeed, it is a day many people like to cherish in the rest of their lives.
The first days illuminates future as the newlywed couple embarks on planning this and
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The author underpins that as much this holds true, the marriage bonds between the husband and wife deteriorates while that for the children remains stable. In another study, Stevenson and Wolfers (p.27) notes that while the marriage rates are experiencing a decrease that of divorce continues to hike. Additionally, the duo claim unions’ defining characteristics have changed based on their assumption that marriage is not a static institution. Cherlin supports this by asserting that as much the practical importance of marriage is on the verge, the symbolic significance remains

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