Emaline: Summary And Analysis

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The dad left the family so they brought in a crazy man from the mental hospital to work on their fields it was suggested by the neighbours but they didn’t think the mom would actually go do that. After a few weeks Emaline and her mom enjoyed the crazy man’s company.
The family lives on a farm that has been around for generations. The father of Emaline owns it, for his father passed it on to him. Emaline’s dad never wanted to be a farmer; he wanted to work on the railroads. The father had no choice but to take over the family farm because it was a manly generational thing that his sisters couldn’t handle. Emaline was an only child, she had a farm dog whose name was Prince. Every day when Emaline came home from school, she would get a greeting from Prince and then go hop on the moving tractor
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The mom wasn’t going to tell her that her father had left the family. Emaline figured something weird was up when only her mom was coming to the hospital to visit, but she didn’t want to ask her mom. Once her and her mom were home from the hospital Emaline realized “there was no dad banging in the shed, and no Prince running up to meet” her arrival (pg.22). Emaline was very upset to not see either one of them. Emaline was stuck in a wheelchair for a while which made it hard for her to get around. The wheelchair had a mind of its own sometimes. “It would move from left to right without any notice” (pg.24). The day she came home from the hospital “it was half raining and half snowing” (pg.24). Now that Emaline is home her mom can start looking for someone to seed and do the fields since the dad was gone. Joey and Jamie are Emaline’s friends who live down the street, kids of Harry Record the first person the mom interviewed to plow the fields. Harry said no that he has too much of his own stuff on the go and that she should go get someone crazy to plow the fields because they wouldn’t mind working in the

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