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Register to read the introduction… The new law … those driving with no proper tax and insurance.
My little girl … some strange expressions. Goodness knows where she hears them.
Although he's an entertaining speaker, it takes him ages to …
After deliberating for several hours we finally … a possible solution to the problem.
Soon after their arrival at the holiday resort they all … gastric flu.
When he … after the operation, he had absolutely no idea where he was.
I'm afraid we have … a lot of criticism over our decision to close the hospital.

C Expressions 2. There are many colourful idioms like couch potato in English. Can you match the explanations on the right to the idiomatic expressions on the left? They are all connected with different kinds of people.

|1. a new broom |a. someone who expresses opinions about things he/she knows very little about |
|2. a wet blanket |b. someone who has no fixed roots
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She fainted, but someone threw a glassful of water on her face and she came round immediately.

Unit vocabulary 1. Patience and a good sense of humour are virtues that no good teacher can afford to be without. 2. I don't mind the fact that he is successful; it is his smugness that bothers me. 3. The new teacher was far superior to any other instructor she had ever had. 4. The combination of his good looks and money arc an irresistible lure. 5. Many religions teach that the soul of man is eternal. 6. As a child, he had been crippled in an accident and had to spend the rest of his life confined to a wheelchair. 7. Children flourish with the help of love and affection. 8. Imagine his humiliation when the headmaster walked into the classroom and saw him cheating in the final exam. 9. German army boots were the fad last year. What do you think will replace them? 10. Staying at home on a Saturday night is a real drag. 11. The profits from the rock concert will be donated to charity. 12. I think it was Shakespeare who wrote: "What fools these mortals be”. 13. As summer approaches, losing weight becomes an obsession for many

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