Obama Care Argumentative Essay

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Obama Care is bad for our Nation Obama care is killing our nation. Obama care was supposed to improve the healthcare system but it has murdered the lives of many American people. People are being forced to get certain types of insurance and if you don’t have it then you have to pay an outrageous fine. Hard working people are losing their jobs or getting there hours cut because of Obama care (Obamacare, January 22, 2015). Obama care was supposed to improve the healthcare system but it has murdered the lives of many American people. Obama care has destroyed the small businesses, has poisoned Medicare patients, butchered the drug research companies, and has almost abolished the middle class.
The destruction of small businesses Small Businesses
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Since everyone must have insurance and if they do not they have to pay a fine many people go to Medicare because it isn’t an overly expensive insurance company. (Learn, N.D) But many people do not realize Medicare does not have nationwide coverage, so if you go out of town you and you get injured the insurance you pay for won’t cover you.(learn, N.D) But that’s not all, not many hospitals except Medicare patients, so even when you are in town and you must be rushed to the hospital your plan might not be accepted so then you either have to pay out of pocket or go to a hospital that expects it, and by that time it might be too late. Medicare also does not cover all of your medical expenses so even though you are still paying for insurance you will still have to pay most of your medical bills. (Learn, N.D) And it does not cover prescriptions that you must have to live, you will have to pay for them out of pocket and if you cannot afford them then you cannot get …show more content…
Since Obama they have had to limit the funding towards drug research, therefore many projects have been shut down due to limit money resources. (Obamacare, N.D) This is not only killing the drug research companies but it hurts people who are waiting for a medicine to help them survive. But since Obama care has limited the funding tremendously many people might never get that medicine to help them survive and live the life they deserve. The drug companies are losing over 35 billion dollars due to Obama care(Obamacare, N.D). That 35 billion dollars could have made over 100 new medicines and saves billions of lives, but because of Obama care that won’t happen. Obama care has butchered not only the drug companies but the people who are in desperate need for those

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