Short Summary: Can Godzilla Exist?

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Could Godzilla exist?

According to legendary pictures Godzilla is 355ft tall that’s 5 feet taller than the empire state building and weighs 90,000 tons. Imagine a cruise ship with legs standing up right. But it raises the question could a creature that big exist. At 90,000 tons Godzilla is a very big thing. Which would need about 250,000,000 calories a day and it is estimated that an adult human body has about 110,000 calories. So if Godzilla had taste for people he would have to eat 1,950 people a day. which would increase the global mortality rate by 1.3 % or he could just eat 896,000 waffle tacos.

so is there any living thing that comes close to Godzilla’s size.

A standard human male

160 lbs

A salt water crocodile

2.2 tons

An adult African bush elephant

11 tons

A blue whale

209 tons

Pando ( the largest thing we know of alive)

6,600 tons
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I choose these things because we need a reference of size, And the salt water croc because it’s the heaviest reptile in the world , an adult African bush elephant which is the largest land animal and the blue whale the largest animal of all time (besides Godzilla) and last but defiantly not least the pando which is a clonal colony of aspen trees which is 13.6 times less the size of Godzilla. He actually weighs a little over half of all the gold we’ve ever minded. But not only would he be the heaviest thing ever he would be the tallest and longest including his

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