Short Story: 'You Aren' T Human?

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"You aren 't human."
It wasn 't a question, I knew he would figure it out. Of course, I thought he would 've figured it out sooner but late is better than never I assume.
"Ah, he finally understands. No, I 'm not entirely human, but neither are you. Any of you." I point out to the crowd that has gathered seemingly out of nowhere. Smiling sweetly at their shocked faces.
"What are you?" A voice to my left asked softly as if he were afraid, of who? Me? Surely not. The thought made me smile wider, a bit too cheerful even to myself.
Sanders stood about 5 feet away from me, not daring to come closer.
Not so tough for a big alpha male, he seems like the omega.
"Come find out. You can smell it, I know you can." Extending my hand out to him. His
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Wearing a long white robe type dress that matched her long flowing hair. The robe covered her feet but I can guess she isn 't shoes, she doesn 't need shoes if her feet never touch the ground. Her face wrinkled with smile lines as well as worry wrinkles, but it 's only an illusion to fool others.
“Hello, Enchantress.” I sounded afraid, I don 't want her to have the satisfaction of my fear.
She smiled, a toothless smile, it almost didn 't fit her.
“Hello, Avice.”
“My name is not Avice anymore
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She was baiting me, but why?
“Avice will always be your name dear, it was your birthright.”
She stated, smiling as if I never even insulted her.
“What is a Jikini?”
Sanders stumbled over the name, the Enchantress raised a pale eyebrow in his direction, "A Jikininki boy, I just pronounced it and you still say it wrong. You need to open your ears child."
"Sorry Sabine. What is a Jikininki?"
He bowed his head to Sabine, he must believe she is dominant to him. Smart wolf, she could kill all of us with a wave of her pinky finger if she pleased. She could control me with her mind, but I refuse to bow or show her any weakness. I 'm older than her by at least 200 years, though she has more power than I could ever imagine.
"I believe you should answer that gehende leiche."
Rolling my eyes at her 'cute ' nickname for me 'walking corpse ', fitting if I do say so myself.
"Of course I should alte hexe, we are talking about me after all."
She only snickered at the comment, her wolf companions didn 't laugh. They growled. "What did you call her?" A young female demanded. She was about a foot shorter than me, her chubby face held blue eyes with an intensity it almost made me apologize. Almost.

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