Essay on Short Story : ' The Soldier 's Home '

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Krebs is antisocial, not supported, and feels like he? Must be Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Harold Krebs is the main character in Ernest Hemingway’s Soldier’s Home. He is a survivor of World War I and he fought there from 1917 till 1919. When he comes back from war, he is not welcomed and he does not get back into a normal lifestyle. He shows many traits of PTSD which can prove along with the second and third chapters of Dr. Judith Lewis Herman’s book: Trauma and Recovery. Trauma is an effect of an event that takes away a person’s ability to adjust back to a normal life. In Herman’s book, she states: “Traumatic events…overwhelm the ordinary human and adaption to life… [They] generally involve threats to life or bodily integrity or a close personal encounter with violence and death.” (Herman, 33) These life threats or bodily integrity can come from anywhere, and each person can take the event as more traumatic as another person. Many soldiers will experience traumatic events while in war, and some will come back with PTSD. In Soldier’s Home by Hemingway, the effects of trauma can be seen. In the story, “Krebs…did not want to talk about the war at all. Later, he felt the need to talk but no one wanted to hear about it.” (Hemingway, 69) Although, Hemingway never says what Krebs went through it can be assumed that was bad. Throughout the whole story Krebs is distant and is experiencing what Herman likes to call the “three mail categories” (Herman, 35)…

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