Short Story: The Shell Of Shifting

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“Turn left at the overlook and swim until you encounter a narrow opening in the cliffside. Inside is the legendary Shell of Shifting!”
“What does it do?” Blake asked. She was fascinated by the story that her best friend’s grandmother was telling, although Elina herself didn’t look too interested.
“It is said to be able to change the color of anything you want!” she replied. “Now, stop listening to my old tales and go play out in the reef!”
Elina and Blake hadn’t been swimming for too long before they encountered an unpleasant sight: the three meanest mermaids on the reef.
Once the two groups were only a few yards away from each other, Heather, the leader of the trio, pushed past Blake.
“Oops, didn’t see you there!” she said mockingly. “With your blue tail, you’re
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“Don’t listen to them,” she urged. “I like your tail just the way it is.” But Blake’s mind was already made up.
Blake remembered the tale of the Shell of Shifting, and resolved to go looking for it. She hastily explained her mission to Elina, and then she set off on her journey before Elina could protest.
Blake swam over to the rocky edge of the overlook, and looked down on the sea floor below. She had never been past this drop-off, but she knew that she had to face her fears if she wanted to find the shell. Blake took a deep breath, and plunged over the side.
After just half an hour of swimming along the steep wall of the overlook, Blake was starting to get tired. She was so exhausted that she almost missed the opening!
Blake squeezed through the crack in the cliffside and began down a long, dark tunnel. Eventually, she found that the tunnel opened up into a large cavern.
Suddenly, she heard a roar, and a large shark came barreling around the corner! She knew she had to think quickly, or else she would get eaten! Immediately, Blake remembered what Heather had said to her earlier.
“With your blue tail, you’re basically just

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