Short Story : ' The Phone Rang ' Essay

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The phone rang as she read the society section of the morning paper, “May I help you?” Louise asked when she answered the phone.
“Louise, this is Tina.”
“I’m glad you called I was planning to call you about lunch. Tina, how about meeting me at Ming’s at 11:30?” Louise asked.
“Something came up and we need to talk,” Tina said. Sensing anger in Tina’s voice, Louise promised to meet her.
When Louise pulled into the restaurant’s parking lot and parked near an oak tree, she sat in the car a few minutes wondering what was wrong with Tina. Finally, she locked her car, went to the restaurant, sat down and ordered a glass of wine while waiting for Tina. As Louise sat in a booth drinking her third glass of wine Tina entered the restaurant and Louise knew by her expression she was upset. When she walked up, Tina didn’t speak as she slammed her fist on the table and screamed, “You and I need to talk!”
“Now just a minute, we’ll talk, but first, I want you to calm down and stop screaming. Now you are going to sit right down there and explain yourself,” Louise said and pointed at the seat. “I want you to pretend you’re a lady.”
“Our friendship means absolutely nothing to you,” Tina shouted as she placed her hands on her hips and remained standing.
“Okay, that’s fine, but you will lower your voice,” Louise said and sipped her wine.
“You talked me into selling my kennel along with the property and buying that little grocery store. After the first week, I didn’t have three…

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