The Legend Of John Analysis

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The Legend of John, Jacob, Jingle, Heimer and Frankie

Setting: A one room school house in the winter of 1910 in Northern New Jersey during a snow storm.

Mrs. Jones-Smith: (enter stage right) Time for school! (She says calling out to school yard) No one answers because they are still walking to school in the snow.

Mrs. Jones-Smith: Oh students!

(She looks frantically around, thinking maybe they’ve frozen to death! She begins to mutter to herself) Ohhhhhh……what if they’ve died in the snow. (She returns to her desk to pack up and go home)

(Frankie enters stage left)

Frankie: Ayyyyy, Mrs. J-Smith. How’s it goin’?

Mrs. J-S: Aw, damn. (She starts to unpack) I thought you had perished in the snow!

Frankie: Frankie never perishes. Frankie’s got connections with Big Guy.
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Mrs. J-S raises the paddle and runs after them, but stops at the door because she does not have on proper shoes or a hat. Jacob and Frankie lose their footing in the snow. Mrs. J-S gives them a paddling. All three look up at the same time to see three snow zombies. They scream in terror.)

Frankie: The dead are alive! Run!

(The zombies enter stage left and trudge forward undeterred)

Mrs. J-S: It’s judgment day! The time has come! I confess I double parked my fine horse in an invalid’s parking spot in front of the chapel on the Sabbath! Oh Heavenly Father, please forgive me!

Jacob: I’m not afraid zombies. They wanna tussle? I’ll tussle. Come here yae sassanach!

(The zombies proceed forward)

Jacob: Come here! Yae junkie junkie bastards! Yae dead! I’ll put yae in the feckin’ ground, where yae belong!

(Jacob leaps forward and rains blows upon them. The zombies throw up their arms in self-defense and begin to scream. As Jacob wails on them, snow falls from their bodies and true identities are revealed)

Frankie: Ayy! Yo! O’Malley! Easy. It’s John and Jingle! They ain’t zombies! They’re

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